IV nutrients are better absorbed and sometimes the only way to get fluid volume up when feeling ill.

IV nutrients can give a

short-term energy boost in times of

stress, illness, or exertion.

Drip Menu

Restore:  $90

Saline hydration 1000ml 


Resistance:  $120

Glutathione, B complex,

Vitamin C, trace minerals   


Rejuvenate:  $150

Myers Cocktail w/Glutathione

& trace minerals

Race day:  $200

6 amino acids & saline hydration 



Add-Ons:  $10-$50

Famotidine, Zofran, Toradol, B12,

Glutathione, BCAA’s, saline 1000ml


*1 x Medical Evaluation Fee  $35

(First Time Only)