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Compass Family Medicine is dedicated to

providing quality care at

affordable and transparent self-pay prices.

In order to this, we do not bill medical insurance.

We can provide you with a detailed receipt that you may

submit to your insurance for possible direct reimbursement. 

Compass Family Medicine is not an in-network provider with any insurance carrier and does not guarantee reimbursement.

Fee Schedule_01.22.jpg

*50% same day cancellation/no show fee

IV Nutrient Therapy

Restore:  $100

Saline hydration 1000ml 


Rejuvenate:  $160

Myers Cocktail w/Glutathione

& trace minerals




Additional Saline 500ml                                  $20

B12 (IV or shot)                                                     $15

Zofran (anti-nausea)                                           $15

Toradol (anti-inflammatory)                           $10

Glutathione (detox & immunity)                   $25

BCAA’s (muscle recovery)                                 $20


*New Patient - 1 x Medical Evaluation Fee $35

COVID-19 Testing



Send Out 3-4 Day Results

PCR - $50 *Outside lab fees apply

Antibody - $50 *Outside lab fees apply

In-House Same Day Results

Rapid Antigen - $120

Rapid PCR - $199


Why isn't testing free?

Because Compass is a self- pay clinic, we do not receive government funding or insurance reimbursement for testing materials and labor.

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